Minor League Baseball vice president

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tina Gust 97

Tina Gust 97

Tina Gust '97, Clearwater, Fla., is the first woman to hold the title of vice president in the 109-year history of the Minor League Baseball office. Gust, who is vice president of Business Development, joined the MiLB office in June 1998 as an assistant in the Licensing Department. Gust was a Mass Communications major and Marketing minor at St. Cloud State.

The Gust family has a deep connection to St. Cloud State University.

"St. Cloud State is truly a family tradition for me," Gust said. "My parents both worked there (now retired), my father, sister and one nephew all graduated from St. Cloud State, and my brother and niece attended St. Cloud State. My sister also worked there for a while. I grew up on campus and while I looked at other colleges, St. Cloud State had a great mass communications department, so my choice was easy."

"When I started at St. Cloud State I didn't really understand the opportunities out there to be involved with sports once your playing days were over. But I was blessed to have some great professors and mentors on campus that took the time to really get to know me, my strengths and interests, and help point me toward my future career. I also had many opportunities through campus activities (I was a Resident Advisor and Assistant Hall Director in the Housing Department; a "Red Shirt" during Orientation, and volunteered with the Sports Information department) to develop the work ethic, and leadership and management skills, that have helped me grow in my career."

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