University Leadership Award- Edward Bouffard

Monday, January 25, 2010


From the moment Ed Bouffard joined the Atwood Memorial Center staff as director of the University Conference and Information Center in 1990, he poured his interest and energy into building a supportive environment for the colleagues and student leaders who work to make St. Cloud State a better campus community.

In later years as associate director of operation, Bouffard brought new technology to all aspects of the student center, coordinating the research, purchase and installation of a $90,000 computer network for 60 workstations throughout the building. He also co-led a successful campaign to obtain student approval for a $5 million student union renovation bond and helped plan and carry out extensive renovations before his retirement.

Bouffard’s dedication to students helped shape the Center into the welcoming and student-centered environment that will continue to enrich their lives with social, recreational and cultural activities. See related story on page 8.

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