College of Science and Engineering Leadership Award- Dennis Tuel Sr. 59

Monday, January 25, 2010


In 1973 Dennis Tuel, Fergus Falls, launched ShoreMaster, the company that would become an international leader in residential and commercial waterfront equipment. In the next three decades as chief executive officer and president of the growing company, he added a wide variety of inventions to a stable of products that began with his all-aluminum boatlift.

Tuel is retired but remains a leading force in economic and sustainability endeavors in the Fergus Falls region. He and his daughter and son-in-law operate Buffalo Pass Ranch, home to a herd of 550 bison, along with a wholesale marketing company, Buffalo Meat Inc. which distributes to nearly 200 retail stores in the upper Midwest. Along with this wife, Marsha, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Continental Divide Visitors Center in Fergus Falls.

“I graduated (from St. Cloud State) as an energized young adult, qualified and confidently prepared to make a difference in the world,” Tuel said. In recent years, he has been involved in wind generation activities and earned a doctorate in international business while writing his autobiography.

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