Leaving a legacy

Monday, January 25, 2010


If our legacy defines how we have impacted the things and people around us, Ed Bouffard will be remembered for lightening the carbon footprint left by this university.

Bouffard, who was a leader in conservation and green efforts, has retired after serving 19 years at SCSU. As associate director of Atwood Memorial Center, he is responsible for inundating SCSU with recycling containers seen around campus. His work on the Husky Fried Ride will leave a lasting impression in the community and on campus, reinforcing the idea that one man can make a difference.

“We tend to think globally,” Bouffard said about the environment. “But we need to think in ways to act locally.”

Which Bouffard did with the Husky Fried Ride. It is the first public transportation in the country that uses University waste, utilizing it in a productive way.

The project received an Innovative Partnering and Collaboration Award from the MnSCU system for 2008-09. The Metro Bus runs on 70 percent recycled deep fryer vegetable oil.

“Ed was always the voice of the Recycling movement,” Margaret Vos, director of Atwood Memorial Center said. Bouffard pushed for standards in recycling, “How do we collect, how do we get it out of the building to be recycled?”

The Atwood Center was the first on campus building to feature recycling containers and currently houses transparent containers, which in theory will enact students to see what in the container is to be recycled and to follow suit with their materials.

“Ed had the idea, whatever you do, leave it a little better than you found it,” Vos said. “And he certainly did that.” See related story on page 48.

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