Ross Morin

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Assistant Professor of Film Studies Ross W. Morin

Assistant Professor of Film Studies Ross W. Morin, producer of more than 50 films, had his experimental, award-winning documentary, “Les Moulins (The Mills),” shown in conjunction with the Museum L-A’s new exhibit, “Weaving a World: Lewiston’s Millworkers, 1920-2008.” Morin showed the film and talked about why and how it was made as well as the art of documentary filmmaking in general. The work has also screened at two film festivals: the Athens (Ohio) International Film Festival this year and the Portland (Maine) Phoenix Film Festival in 2007, when it won the award for best production. This is Morin’s first year at St. Cloud State, where he is teaching the art of film, digital filmmaking and cinematography.

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