Get ready to work

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sign above doorway on fourth floor of Centennial Hall

The new HCOB positioning was launched with clever plays on the “Get Ready to Work” message, including signage on strategically-placed ladders, stairwell signage, and distribution of work-related items like safety glasses and hammers. This sign reminds students who’ve climbed to the fourth floor of Centennial Hall, home of the HCOB, that the hard work they’re doing while in the program prepares them for the hard work of achieving career success.

Although hundreds of executives say the Herberger College of Business (HCOB) provided the foundation for their success, the belief that not enough people know about the college prompted a concerted branding effort to draw attention to what it has to offer.

The business programs offered by the HCOB create an educational and experiential foundation upon which highly successful careers can be built. Companies that hire St. Cloud State business graduates, according to HCOB Dean Diana Lawson, regularly report back that the graduates are well-prepared for the marketplace and have a strong work ethic. Their training and work ethic mean HCOB graduates who are willing to continue to work hard have the opportunity to climb high on the career ladder of their dreams.

Those who have realized the HCOB promise include hundreds of alumni who provide leadership for some of the nation’s most successful companies, including Wells Fargo, Oracle and ING DIRECT.

The branding effort launched in the fall included assessment of current brand perceptions within the business community and on the part of students, faculty and staff. The analysis led to development of a tagline for HCOB promotional efforts such as advertising. “Get Ready to Work” acknowledges the strength of the college’s internship program, the fact that the curriculum is challenging, and the reality that a quality education is only as good as a graduate’s commitment to doing the work necessary to build a successful career.

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