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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aaron Amic

As a vice president for one of the five largest research firms in the world, Aaron Amic, Albertville, says he is “doing what I did as a student director (1997-99) of the SCSU Survey – only on a larger scale.”

Amic developed an understanding of what constitutes good research methodology during his two years as student director. “I wouldn’t have moved up in my company without that good foundation.”

His company is Ipsos, an international research and public affairs firm, for which he serves as vice president of omnibus research services for North American public affairs. “The group I run does $7 million a year,” said Amic, whose undergraduate degree is in public administration and master’s degree is in public and non-profit institutions. “There are few Fortune 500 companies I haven’t worked with.”

Amic’s involvement with the Survey started with a political science class he took from the Survey’s founder, Professor Steve Frank, his freshman year. “As with most classes with Dr. Frank or Dr. (Professor Steven) Wagner, survey research would make its way into the class,” he said. “We all had to put some time in with the SCSU Survey.” He took the job as student director because he “had always been interested in polling and seeing the nuts and bolts of what was happening. I did it through the rest of my college career and came back and kept doing stuff with them even after I graduated.”

After college he worked with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency with an environmental firm in Edina before joining the company that eventually merged with Ipsos. With Amic’s knowledge of sound polling practices, he was well prepared for the challenge, crediting the professors who lead the Survey. “Dr. Wagner was my mentor. Without him I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now.”

“My career path has been 100 percent determined by my decision to work as a student director,” said Amic, who added that he’ll be watching for this year’s big Survey election polls.

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