Donations fund Delta Sigma Pi space

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson 79, finance director at Bethesda Hospital, St. Paul, leads the fundraising efforts for a Delta Sigma Pi Room in Centennial Hall.

Brian Johnson Delta Sigma Pi brothers Mark Lundquist and Alan Grundei 

Delta Sigma Pi has raised its profile as it raised money for renovation of Centennial Hall.

Alumni and student members of the business fraternity have collected more than $100,000 in donations, pledges and corporate matches so that Room 301 in the five-floor building can be named the Delta Sigma Pi Room.

“This room will recognize the fraternity as an organization of prominence, the premier business fraternity at St. Cloud State,” said Brian Johnson ’79, who leads the fundraising effort. Johnson credits the fraternity with helping him through the University’s demanding accounting program.

Johnson and other alumni, including members of the 1970 pledge class that founded the chapter, spawned the room idea. “It’s a challenge to get current students into a professional organization because students are so busy these days,” said Bruce Busta ’79, accounting professor and Delta Sigma Pi faculty member. “This will give the chapter visibility and help the chapter recruit.”

Student leaders have discussed creating a display in the room that would describe the purpose and history of the fraternity, according to Cory Stopka, from Andover, president of the 40-member chapter. Stopka, a junior majoring in business management and marketing, hopes to organize a room grand opening.

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