Honoring alumni with scholarships for their children

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kristin Nevins

Kristin Nevins

Attending St. Cloud State University is nearly a Nevins family requirement.

Kristin Nevins, daughter of John Nevins ’82 and Diane (Hackett) Nevins ’83, received a Second Generation Scholarship because she is an excellent student and her parents are alumni. Her older sister graduated from St. Cloud State and expectations are her younger sister will follow suit. Kristin, a first-year community psychology major from Dawson, will receive $500 a semester for up to four semesters.

Also receiving a Second Generation Scholarship is Jennifer Wimmer, a first-year student from Pierz. Her parents are Lisa Wimmer ’93 ’01 and John Wimmer, Pierz.

The Alumni Association uses the scholarship to encourage children of alumni to attend St. Cloud State. The Second Generation Scholarship has grown thanks to the association’s 2007 donation of $25,000. That donation brings the scholarship endowment to $80,000. With matching funds from the University, the endowment has the equivalent of more than $100,000.

"We have a lot of connections to St. Cloud State," said Diane Nevins of Kristin’s decision to attend her alma mater. "It felt really comfortable."

Jennifer Wimmer

Jennifer Wimmer

Taking a distance-learning version of Psychology 115 in high school contributed to her decision to come to St. Cloud State, Kristin said.

John Nevins manages a credit union in Dawson. Diane has taught pre-school and elementary school for 21 years.

The Nevins’ eldest daughter, Jennifer, is also a St. Cloud State graduate, earning an accounting degree in 2007. She landed a job with Kern DeWenter Viere, Ltd., working in its Minneapolis and St. Cloud offices.

Stephanie, the youngest of the three Nevins children, is already feeling some pressure. "She’s a sophomore in high school," said Kristin, 19. "She’s probably going to end up coming here. That’s what everybody expects."

"This is a great way to honor the student and acknowledge those who once were students," said Della Ludwig ’95, Royalton, Alumni Association president. "This is just one of the opportunities for the alumni association to give back to St. Cloud State alumni."

The Second Generation Scholarship is managed by the Office of Admissions.

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