Website Redesign

Friday, September 28, 2007

The university launched a "new and improved" Web site late this summer.

SCSU Website Redesign

Visitors now find a high-impact, "image rich" look and new navigational tools at www.stcloudstate.edu. The site also has a strong external focus, as it’s aimed at the 75-85 percent of prospective students who receive their first impression of SCSU from the Web site. Statistics show that four out of five prospective students use the Web to search for a college.

The redesign is based on consultation with Stamats, a higher education marketing firm that conducted extensive research at the University 18 months ago. In addition to incorporating messages developed from the market research, the site capitalizes on the power of the Web, one of the institution’s most important marketing tools.

The new design, which also complements new publications from the SCSU Office of Admissions, is heavily populated with pictures and profiles of students, faculty members and alumni.

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