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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leave your mark on the world

A careful look at the qualities that distinguish St. Cloud State University from other universities has resulted in a new look for advertising and promotional materials.The education provided by SCSU reflects a global vision with growth in international students, study abroad programs and diversity curriculum. The University hasmany other positive attributes – it’s student-centered, facultymembers bring accredited programs to life, students areempowered to achieve success, honest dialogue is welcomedand it’s ideally located.

The new direction is a result of extensive market research and testing that included input from alumni, students, faculty members and members of the community. “What’s Your World,” the marketing theme, conveys a sense of global knowledge and experience. It also conveys the concept of personalization: “I create my world through the choices I make.” SCSU offers many ways for students to prepare and be empowered to choose a path that is exactly right for the individual. Those opportunities range from leadership training and a plethora of political, cultural and social organizations to internships with highlevel companies, study in any of 20 countries and chances to conduct research side-by-side with professors.

SCSU is working with Stamats, a national higher education marketing firm, to develop its messages and graphics. Among the elements being developed are print, television and theater advertising, direct mail, billboards, Admissions Office publications and a redesign of the Web site.

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