Crossing paths in South Africa

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Students from SCSU and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, will cross paths more frequently as they take advantage of a partnership agreement signed by SCSU President Roy H. Saigo in March. While in Port Elizabeth he also spent time with a group of SCSU students who traveled there during spring break as part of an SCSU Department of Ethnic Studies course.

Port Elizabeth welcomes SCSUExpanding the university’s study-abroad program in South Africa is a significant part of Saigo’s global initiative to encourage more international experiences among students, faculty members and staff. NMMU has 20,000 students, several of whom have attended classes at SCSU.

Shahzad Ahmad, director of Multicultural Student Services at SCSU, and Professor Robert C. Johnson, chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies, have worked to strengthen the SCSU study-abroad program in South Africa. The goal is to have 20-25 SCSU students spend spring semester at NMMU after taking an introductory course on U.S. race relations and a course on modern South Africa to prepare them for their trip.

The opportunities for international study will pave the way for more students to take advantage of SCSU study-abroad programs, now offered in 20 foreign countries.

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