Intel Notes SCSU's technology leadership

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Students are enjoying unprecedented computing flexibility and access to innovative technology at SCSU, which has received a top-50 ranking on Intel’s Second Annual "Most Unwired College Campuses" survey. The university’s wireless network covers all residence halls and academic and office buildings. It is accessed by an average of 1,500 users each week.

  • Students who want to use a university computer can now quickly find out which computers are free in labs in 10 different campus buildings. Students may use the Web to access Lab Seats, which displays maps and up-to-the-minute information about computer availability.
  • During spring semester, nearly 80 percent of students took one or more courses using course management software that gives them online access to course home pages, course calendars, quizzes, threaded discussions and electronic assignment drop boxes.
  • Students and faculty members also have the benefit of more than 125 electronic classrooms, each equipped with computers, document cameras, video projectors and other audio-visual equipment to create a multimedia learning environment.

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