Alnwick Reunion Celebration

Monday, April 3, 2006

Renew memories of Alnwick with a trip back to the castle and an on-campus celebration with Alnwick alumni, faculty and home-stay families.

Back-to-the-Castle Tour
June 30-July 5

Stay in the castle or at one of Alnwick’s lovely community hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Activities include a banquet, reception, picnic, home-stay tea, field trip to Edinburgh, fireworks display and tours of the wonderful Alnwick Garden. If you haven’t seen this major British tourist attraction on the castle grounds, you’re in for a treat with exquisite gardens and water displays and the unique Treehouse Restaurant.

Alnwick Anniversary Alumni Reunion
Aug. 11-12

Return to the SCSU campus for a reunion with Alnwick alumni, faculty and home-stay families. A dinner of fish and chips and other casual fare will be held on campus Friday evening, Aug. 11, followed by a social hour downtown. On Saturday, Aug. 12, the festivities begin with campus tours, followed by a visit to Munsinger Gardens and an afternoon tea. The main event will be the Saturday night banquet reception and program, preceded by a cocktail hour.

Please join us!

For more information visit the SCSU Center for International Studies Web site: www.stcloudstate.edu/studyabroad/alumni/alnwick.asp

In preparation for their reunion Aug. 11-12, alumni of the Alnwick, England, study-abroad program were invited to submit favorite memories and photos from their experience.

This story reflects some of the comments included in the dozens of enthusiastic responses from participants eager to reminisce about their transcendent coming-of-age experience at “The Castle.” Although there is not room on these pages to include all of the stories and photos, all are published in their entirety at www.stcloudstate.edu/studyabroad/alumni.

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