Global awareness grows

Monday, April 3, 2006

SCSU Students on a 'sidetrip' to ParisNancy (Hebert) Horn '79, Grand Rapids, was one of three future brides in the 1976-77 "experimental" SCSU study-abroad group at Alnwick. But the impact of her year in northern England and side trips to the Netherlands and Denmark went far beyond her romance with future husband Tom Horn '78. "I can honestly say it gave me the world," she said of her Alnwick stay. "Our family has taken in four foreign students and hosted them in exchange programs. We have traveled back to Europe several times. I discovered people are people wherever you go – different but the same."

John Fruth '94, St. Cloud, shared stories of his travels to far-flung parts of the world, from Russia to Australia, all "a direct result of my participation in the Alnwick program." The 12 months he spent circumnavigating the world following his study abroad left him with a lifetime of memories, he said.

Tammy Ehlers Whitmarsh '87, Ladera Ranch, Calif., said she and her three roommates had a great time traveling around Europe, going to the Squash Club and mingling with the locals. "One of my favorite holidays was a ski trip to Innsbruck, Austria, and traveling to Rome to hear the Pope give New Year's Day Mass. While on a recent trip to Ireland, I was able to bring my husband back to Alnwick. It was wonderful walking around the town and seeing some of the old places. The Alnwick program was a wonderful life experience that I will treasure forever."

"I have made it a mission of mine to spread the word of the importance of international travel and study for other students, and hope that one day my children get to experience the incredible opportunities that I had," said Mark McCleary '95, Minneapolis.

In preparation for their reunion Aug. 11-12, alumni of the Alnwick, England, study-abroad program were invited to submit favorite memories and photos from their experience.

This story reflects some of the comments included in the dozens of enthusiastic responses from participants eager to reminisce about their transcendent coming-of-age experience at "The Castle." Although there is not room on these pages to include all of the stories and photos, all are published in their entirety at www.stcloudstate.edu/studyabroad/alumni.

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