Professor emeritus book on World War II veterans reissued

Monday, April 3, 2006

“A Sense of Honor: Remembrances of World War II Veterans,” authored by SCSU Professor Emeritus Ron Perrier in early 2004, has been released in an expanded edition that now includes a commentary based on an interview with SCSU President Roy H. Saigo.

The book focuses on 19 regional men and women who actively served or were otherwise directly affected by the war. Saigo is among the latter, as he was one of 110,000 Japanese Americans incarcerated shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack. During his interview Saigo recalled some emotionally painful experiences. “... Being constantly reminded that I was hated and being subjected to cruel treatment because of my ‘difference’ has strengthened   my resolve to fight racism and injustice wherever   I encounter it,” he told the book’s author.

Perrier, St. Cloud, is a professor emeritus of film studies at SCSU, where he taught until 2002. He first published “A Sense of Honor” in January 2004, but has captured nearly twice as many life stories in the new edition.

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