Students 'beat the clock' to raise trip funds creatively

Monday, April 3, 2006

They raised just $67. But SCSU theatre and film majors who participated in a 24-hour fundraiser that tested their creativity and skills plan to make it a semi-annual event.

About 15 students took it upon themselves to create a play – from scratch – and produce it for a live audience. According to senior Grant Merges, whose hometown is Hopkins, they decided to do the unusual fundraiser in lieu of other, less pertinent, money raisers: “We just thought it’d be more relevant than, say, cleaning the hockey rink.”

The clock started at 8 on a Friday evening, from which point students determined the contents of their play, created writer/director/actor teams, chose a designer for props, lighting and sound, then worked all night and all of Saturday to create and rehearse a production they performed at 8 that evening. "We don't expect to get any sleep," students had said beforehand, though eventually a few sprawled out on sleeping bags they’d brought to the theatre in the Performing Arts Center on campus.

SCSU theatre and film majors conducted the unique event, they said, for fun, experience and fundraising. They also invited the public to take in any or all of the creative process as well as the production, a comedy called “24 Hour Show,” that capped the students’ all-night, all-day adventure.

Ticket sales from the performance were used to help send members of the SCSU Dramatic Action Club to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in January.

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