Ask Alumni: Focus on Yemi Durosaro

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yemi DurosaroHow does it feel to be chosen to study at Minnesota's legendary medical facility?
You have no idea how exciting this is. I call 2005 my year of divine opportunities. I was interviewed by all 10 medical schools I applied to. When I had my personal interview at Mayo I was one of 100 semifinalists who'd graduated from schools like Harvard and Columbia. For me to be part of that and not feel beneath them – that's a big deal. My smaller class sizes and focus from my professors like Oladele Gazal contributed to giving me an education on par with Mayo applicants from all over the country.

How did you choose to come to SCSU?
I grew up in Brooklyn Park, where my father is an engineer and my mom is a nurse. One of my three sisters and I started college at Southwest State in Marshall. During the year and a half I was there, I wasn't confident their program was preparing me to be competitive to apply to medical schools. I looked into SCSU and found a strong program with professors who could give me the foundation I needed for a career in medicine.

What are some of your best memories of campus life?
I thoroughly enjoyed all programs that supported underrepresented minorities. Most especially, I loved programs that gave me the opportunity to celebrate other cultures. Looking back, most events of my life at SCSU have now become awesome memories that I treasure with all my heart.

What campus activities were you most involved in?
The Medical Professions Association – what better way to prepare myself than to interact and share ideas with people of the same interests?

What experiences at SCSU prepared you best for this opportunity?
The great professors and staff at SCSU were definitely a huge plus for me. It was the very subtle encouragement I got at SCSU that made me dream the big dreams that I'm living right now. Their encouragement and confidence in me made me feel up to par with the best in the world.

Did you have a favorite professor?
My most memorable professor at SCSU was Dr. Gazal. He created an unquenchable thirst in me for the sciences and research.

Do you plan to come back to campus to visit?
I would love to come back to talk to pre-med students at SCSU someday.

Would you recommend SCSU?
Definitely! This is an alma mater I'm certainly proud of.

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