Students hit the streets

Thursday, October 27, 2005

SCSU students have hit the streets of St. Cloud – smiling, waving – by way of "wraps" or "bus sides" compliments of Metro Bus, St. Cloud.

Hockey Wrapped Metro BusWhen Metro Bus purchased three wrappable 40-foot Flyers recently, they offered advertising space on two of them to SCSU. One bus now carries images of students in academic settings; another has been wrapped with images of student-athletes. The two buses are used on Husky Shuttle routes on campus, but also occasionally run routes throughout the community.

The wraps are expensive: it costs $6,000 to wrap a bus and $850/month thereafter. But for SCSU it's all compliments of Metro Bus, which will keep the wraps in place four years or more.

A cost-sharing partnership between the bus service and the university also gives SCSU students, faculty and staff free rides on all routes. SCSU students are the single largest user of Metro Bus services in St. Cloud.

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