Alumni friendship spans generations

Thursday, April 2, 1998

St. Cloud State University offered Scott Foote ('84) an opportunity for reasonable housing costs and a lasting friendship.

This relationship, although it stemmed from SCSU, did not blossom on campus. It grew in Washington, D.C, where Clarence Fogelstrom ('56) took Foote, a student he didn't know, into his home. Through Kathleen Maloney, Foote's adviser at the time, he learned of an internship and the opportunity to live in Fogelstrom's home. "She was instrumental in the process," Foote said.

Fogelstrom owns what Foote calls "a great home, an incredible home on Capitol Hill." Throughout the years, Fogelstrom has opened his door, he said, to students who are working in Congress or at other federal agencies. He does so because he knows college students often are financially strapped. Many of the students have scholarships, but very limited incomes, he said. Foote lived in Fogelstrom's home for a year while interning at, and later working for, the World Future Society.

Eventually, Lisa Marie Salzl ('83) moved to Washington. Foote and Salzl knew one another from attending SCSU and working at D.B. Searle's in St. Cloud. The two young graduates lived in Fogelstrom's English basement off and on throughout the next few years and were married in 1990.

Fogelstrom said the couple was very helpful during the six years they lived there when his wife was ill. She later died.

"We're definitely like family, a tight unit," Foote said of the relationship among the three alumni. "We're kind of like the kids they didn't have. It's a really special relationship."

Maloney said, "They developed a very strong friendship that persisted over a number of years." While attending a meeting in Washington, D.C., Maloney met Fogelstrom. "He does credit to the institution," she said. "Clarence has enriched lives. He's a very kind, very generous person."

The Footes moved to Plymouth, Minn., during the summer of 1997, but keep in touch with Fogelstrom. He visited the Foote family, including their 2-year-old son, Isaac, in September of 1997. "He's giving," Foote said of Fogelstrom. "He opened his house to a student making his way out of school. He made it easy to move not only into their home, but into their lives."

- Carrie Schmidt

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