Monday, April 4, 2005

'87 Mark Kowalke and '97 Carrieann (Pierzinski) Kowalke, St. Michael, MN, daughter, Kathryn Lee, 7/29/2004. Other children: Claire, 2, Mitchell, 4, Megan, 6.

'87 Tami (Verch) Verch-Haugtvedt and Kevin Haugtvedt, Glenvale, AZ, son, Chase, 4/1/2004. Other children: Ariel Monet, 11.

'88 Michael Hart and '92 Connie (Wester) Hart, Lonsdale, MN, daughter, Maryn Elise, 6/4/2004. Other children: Kallan, Kaden.

'89 William Korfhage and Dawn Korfhage, Eagan, MN, son, William, 3/9/2004. Other children: Stacy.

'90 Linda Escher and Scott Escher, Russell, MN, son, Deston, 9/30/2004. Other children: Andrea, 4, Adrian, 6.

'91 John Colotti and '91 Roberta (Anderson) Colotti, Maple Grove, MN, son, Vincent, 11/23/2004.

'91 Emmett O'Meara and Cory O'Meara, Brookfield, WI, son, Seamus Michael, 7/22/2003. Other children: Scarlett Sue, 3.

'91 Patrick Raum and '92 Jill (Oian) Raum, Champlin, MN, son, Del, 7/20/2004. Other children: Van.

'91 Valerie (Smoluch) Sholes and '94 Bill Sholes, Blaine, MN, son, Thomas, 9/11/2002.

'92 Wade Dorcas and Krista Dorcas, Scandia, MN, son, Cullen, 8/5/2004. Other children: Hope, 3.

'92 Ann (Buck) Hoen and '94 Thomas Hoen, Maple Grove, MN, Emma, 6/15/2004. Other children: Dylan, 4.

'92 Stephani (James) Mcdonald and Matthew Mcdonald, Fountain Hills, AZ, son, Lucas, 3/18/2004.

'92 Chad Mortenson and Tracy Mortenson, Brooklyn Park, MN, daughter, Lily Kay, 4/8/2004. Other children: Jonah, 2, Tanner, 5.

'92 Peggy (Olson) Pereda and James Pereda, Rogers, MN, son, Albert James, 8/16/2004. Other children: Amanda Elizabeth, 1, Charlie, 3.

'92 Tina (DeJong) Tessman and Randy Tessman, Dassel, MN, daughter, Emma Jo, 4/2/2004. Other children: Leo, 8, Daniel, 16.

'93 William Baxter and '94 Ann (Harney) Baxter, Woodbury, MN, son, Aidan, 10/16/2002.

'93 Rachel (Howe) Cooper and Derek Cooper, St. Paul, MN, daughter, Doran, 11/3/2003.

'93 James Holthaus and Sarah (Kredsbath) Holthaus, Galesville, WI, son, Zachary James, 9/1/2004.

'93 Patrick Michaelson and Kristin Michaelson, West Bend, WI, twin daughter, Julia, twin son, James, 7/28/2002.

'93 Loren Pribyl and '93 '95 Amee Johnson, Maple Lake, MN, son, Matthew Philip, 10/30/2004.

'93 William Puddicombe and Jessica (Streed) Puddicombe, Litchfield, MN, daughter, Kada Ann, 2/3/2004. Other children: Hale Mae, 4.

'93 Wesley Schiffler and '94 Shanna (Thostenson) Schiffler, Waconia, MN, son, Eli, 11/22/2004. Other children: Isaac Benjamin, 2, Nathanial Elliot, 4, Gabrielle, 5.

'93 Janel (Baechler) Schliemann and Mark Schliemann, Minneapolis, MN, daughter, Josephine Rose, 10/30/2004. Other children: Ben James, 2.

'93 Sue (Peine) Stenberg and Gary Stenberg, Richfield, MN, son, Noah Connor, 9/21/2003.

'94 Andrew Dwyer and '94 Darcy (Bjorkman) Dwyer, Coon Rapids, MN, daughter, Alexandria, 8/15/2004. Other children: Jackson, 2.

'94 Lori (Kampa) Kearney and Edward Kearney, Rosemount, MN, daughter, Shannon Elizabeth, 9/20/2004. Other children: Brook, 1.

'94 Kelly Knapper and '94 Lori (Anderson) Knapper, Cedar Park, TX, son, Lukas Kelly, 1/21/2004. Other children: Nicolas, 4.

'94 Tara Palubicki, Buffalo, MN, son, Ian, 2/4/2004.

'94 Jon Pearson and '94 Tanya (Cooper) Pearson, Sartell, MN, daughter, Makayla, 8/6/2004.

'94 Carrie Riley-Paul and Joshua Paul, Los Angeles, CA, son, Avery Jerry, 6/14/2004.

'94 Brian Schilla and '95 '96 Kimberley (Pier) Schilla, Cambridge, MN, son, Alexander William David, 1/13/2004.

'94 Audra (Hacker) Timm and '96 Jeffrey Timm, Richfield, MN, daughter, Christina, 3/26/2004.

'95 David Berger and '97 Brandi Richards-Berger, St. Cloud, MN, daughter, Lilli Lauren, 6/16/2004. Other children: Sydni, 5, Michael, 12.

'95 Richard Elsenpeter and Lisa (Deutsch) Elsenpeter, Jordan, MN, son, Justin Riley, 9/20/2004. Other children: Ashley, 3.

'95 Jennifer (Stevens) Grimm and Bryan Grimm, Chanhassen, MN, son, Riley, 10/28/2004.

'95 Tina (Goerdt) Gschlecht and David Gschlecht, Eden Prairie, MN, son, Tyler Kenneth, 9/9/2004.

'95 Patricia (Meyer) Harris and Scott Harris, Valparaiso, IN, son, Owen Edward, 4/10/2004.

'95 Jill (Baumgartner) Lien and Kenneth Lien, Otsego, MN, daughter, Greta Susan, 1/17/2005. Other children: Gwyneth, 2, Gavin Andrew, 4, Gabrielle, 6.

'95 Robert Luikens and Tabitha (Sadowski) Luikens, Savage, MN, son, Kyran Scott, 5/26/2004. Other children: Jayden Earle, 7.

'95 Susan (Thienes) Moore and Paul Moore, Richfield, MN, son, Brady Scott, 4/27/2004. Other children: Brandon Charles.

'95 Amy (Svenson) Orris and Jason Orris, Minneapolis, MN, daughter, Ava Jaim, 10/4/2003.

'95 Alana Siebenaler-Ransom and Tony Siebenaler-Ransom, Minneapolis, MN, daughter, Grae Sophia, 7/16/2004.

'96 Melissa (Ellens) Buckles and Kevin Buckles, Woodbridge, VA, twin daughters, Jade Hope and Erin Faith, 2/26/2004. Other children: Taylor, 3, Kevin Jr., 12.

'96 Charissa (Machula) Colon and Jose Colon, St. Paul, MN, daughter, Mariana, 6/7/2004. Other children: Miguel.

'96 Grant LaRock, Red Wing, MN, daughter, Brooklynn Rose, 10/10/2004.

'96 Marjorie (Bednar) Riley and '97 Ryan Riley, Rosemount, MN, twin son, Matthew William, twin daughter, Rebecca Grace, 11/17/2003.

'96 Cheryl Sobiech and Maroof Rauf, Burnsville, MN, daughter, Sarah, 12/31/2003.

'96 '97 Jeffrey Hugg and Tresa (Campbell) Hugg, St. Cloud, MN, son, Tucker Layton, 07/23/2004. Other children: Taylor Leland, 2, Tyler Louis, 5.

'96 '98 Michelle (Schmitz) Jensen and Ryan Jensen, Olivia, MN, daughter, Maddison, 6/7/2003.

'97 Chad Bartels and '97 Susan (Holmgren) Bartels, Plymouth, MN, son, Jack, 3/31/2003. Other children: Anna, 3.

'97 Aaron Frederickson and Dawn Frederickson, Lino Lakes, MN, son, Frederick Trevor, 12/2/2004.

'97 Lisa (Schultz) Greninger and '99 Corey Greninger, Milaca, MN, son, Dylan, 12/13/2004.

'97 Heidi (Brogan) Neubert and '99 Jeremiah Neubert, Madison, WI, daughter, Narriah Irene, 7/21/2004.

'97 Melinda (Lease) Schroeder and Scott Schroeder, Waite Park, MN, son, Donald, 11/15/2004. Other children: Trevor, 2, Hannah, 4.

'97 '03 Tricia (Laase) Anderson and Nathan Anderson, Harris, MN, daughter, Taylor, 8/23/2004.

'98 Donald Albertson and Julie (Geer) Albertson, Maple Grove, MN, daughter, Rebecca Anne, 10/8/2004.

'98 Dawn (Wallerman) Barone and Jacob Barone, Cadott, WI, daughter, Makenna Sophia, 5/19/2004. Other children: Meadow Annabella, 2.

'98 Jeffrey Blackmore and '99 Jennifer (Braun) Blackmore, St. Cloud, MN, son, Jacob William, 12/22/2003.

'98 Kari (Anfenson) Bristol and Kenneth Bristol, Columbia Heights, MN, son, Josiah David, 4/2/2004.

'98 Angela Goodnature-Kath and Mike Kath, Owatonna, MN, son, Dakota Matthew, 5/25/2004.

'98 Andrew Jurek and Angela Jurek, Falcon Heights, MN, son, Eric, 12/15/2004. Other children: Andrew (Drew), 2.

'98 Trisha (Hoff) Kraemer and Jason Kraemer, Melrose, MN, son, Avery, 9/21/2004.

'98 Gretchen (Lustig) Ray and '98 Matthew Ray, Eveleth, MN, daughter, Azalea, 2/16/2004.

'98 Kristin (Steen) Ruiter and Brandon Ruiter, Buffalo, MN, twin daughters, Makayla and Kathryn, 5/18/2004. Other children: Tyler, 2, Alexander, 4.

'98 Andrea (Lawrence) Wheeler and John Wheeler, St. Cloud, MN, daughter, Keily, 7/3/2004.

'99 Erica Kellen and Derrick Kellen, St. Cloud, MN, son, Hadyn Jon, 6/30/03

'99 Jacqueline (Osowski) Pauly and Christopher Pauly, Chaska, MN, son, Cameron John, 1/11/2005.

'99 Kristine (Nelson) Renner and Thomas Renner, Bloomington, MN, twin daughters, Ella Patricia and Nora Helana, 4/28/2004.

'99 '01 Nelaina (Strache) Daggett and William Daggett, Colorado Springs, CO, son, Brett, 4/14/2004. Other children: Will.

'00 Renee (Crossfield) Beardsley and Jonathan Beardsley, Faribault, MN, daughter, Ella, 2/1/2004.

'00 Duane Corrigan and Jessica Corrigan, Sauk Rapids, MN, daughter, Kamryn, 7/27/2004.

'00 Angela (Byers) Greene and '01 Kelly Greene, Moorhead, MN, son, Spencer Andrew, 11/3/2004.

'00 James Haider and Shelley Haider, Chanhassen, MN, son, Samuel Douglas, 6/12/2004.

'00 Jamie (Nelson) Lawrence and '00 Jeffrey Lawrence, Eagan, MN, daughter, Emily Paige, 11/5/2003.

'00 Julie (Ingmire) Seminitis and Matthew Seminitis, Sartell, MN, son, Lukas Matthew, 6/2/2004.

'01 Katherine (Wedel) Dusing and Kyle Dusing, Sauk Rapids, MN, son, Daniel John, 12/1/2004.

'01 Craig Fuller and '02 Ella (Paul) Fuller, Las Vegas, NV, daughter, Sequoia Diné, 12/15/2004.

'02 Meghan Palubicki, Fosston, MN, son, Thatcher Jack, 12/16/2004.

'03 Richard Jensen and Lana (Supalla) Jensen, Brainerd, MN, daughter, Ellie, 9/6/2004.

'03 Jessica (Loerzel) Miller and Chad Miller, Clearwater, MN, daughter, Madison, 8/17/2004. Other children: Mason, 1.

'03 Emily (Reinking) Zoellner and Robert Zoelnner, Otsego, MN, son, Carson, 6/21/2004.

'04 Darren Larson and Sarah Larson, Baxter, MN, son, Drew, 2/19/2005.

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