Ask Alumni: Focus on Wen Sze Foo

Monday, April 4, 2005

Wen Sze Foo

What has your life been like since graduation?
I started working in a PR consultancy/agency about a month and a half after I got home to Kuala Lumpur in 2003, and my professors are probably laughing their heads off because I was adamant not to get into the agency world. Well, they got the last laugh and I actually enjoy what I do. I even got promoted to team leader of a PR team after a year in the company. Some of my clients include Tetra Pak Malaysia & Singapore, local and regional restaurant chains, and a host of pharmaceutical companies such as Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novartis and Abbott. The fact that my office is near my home and I donít have to crawl through the massive Kuala Lumpur traffic jams is a huge plus.

How did you find out about SCSU and why did you choose to come here? I heard about SCSU through a friend who was studying there in the mass comm department. The fact that SCSUís mass comm department was nationally accredited also played a part in my decision-making. The clincher was definitely how affordable the fees were and also international studentsí benefits.

What are some of your best memories of campus life?
The highlights include getting to know people from the U.S. and all over the world, giving a speech on behalf of international students during the MnSCU Chancellorís visit, volunteering at concerts, living in the dorms and doing fun things with roomies. I really enjoyed going grocery shopping at Cub or Cobornís. It was a highlight for me and I miss it now! As an international student, I also appreciated that a lot of the local people were willing to share their traditions and culture with us.

What were some of the biggest challenges with studying so far from home?
Getting used to the FOOD!! (I can tell you itís the same for a lot of us from different cultures!) Iíve never eaten so much bread and cheese in my life!

What campus activities were you most involved in?
University Ambassadors, Chinese Students Association and being a RA in Shoemaker Hall. My involvement taught me a lot of things I would not have learned in classes, and it helped to groom my leadership and communication skills to a much higher level. Being active in organizations helped me to identify my leadership pattern, which I still use today.

Who was your favorite/most memorable professor?
Jennifer Holt and Peter Przytula. Jennifer Holt was my professor in HURL 101 and 102 and through her, I learned a lot about oppression in various forms. She was fun and made the classes exciting for all of us. She also used the diversity in the class to our benefit, as we had to share our culture with the other students. Peter Przytula Ö to this day, I still remember how to spell his last name as he told us on the first day of class we need to remember it as you never know if it would be a question on the exam! Peter brought with him a wealth of ďreal-worldĒ experiences which were very interesting and valuable to a soon-to-be-graduate-joining-the-big-bad-world! So, thanks Peter!

Do you plan to come back to campus to visit?
I told my friends to expect me back in 10 years, so letís hope I make it back before that! I would love to see the new Lawrence Hall, renovated Atwood and of course the Husky Stadium!

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