Hitting a MaGICal note

Monday, April 4, 2005

Duane Paulson '81, president of Gibson Audio

Duane Paulson '81, president of Gibson Audio

SCSU alumnus Duane Paulson literally grew up on the campus of SCSU. His childhood home stood at the spot that is now Brown Hall, he attended the campus lab school, and his mother was the executive assistant to former SCSU president Dr. George Budd.

SCSU seemed a natural fit for Paulson when it was time to pursue higher education. He graduated with a degree focused on mass communication in 1981, but has spent his career attaining success in the technology field.

Paulson’s most recent accomplishment is being named the president of Gibson Audio, a division of Gibson Guitar Corp., where he leads Gibson’s MaGIC
(Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier) initiative and leads the planning of product introductions under the Wurlitzer brand.

The legendary company, coined a “great American story” by Paulson, is one that he’s excited to work for. His children share his enthusiasm. “This is the first time in my professional career my kids are excited to tell people where I work,” Paulson says as he laughs.

Based in the Twin Cities area while having coworkers scattered across the nation from the east to west coasts, Paulson’s “office” is oftentimes a telephone, internet connection, and an airplane seat. When he’s not traveling, he spends his time at home documenting project progress and brainstorming.

One recent brainstorm the company has completed is the new Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox, which earned a Best of Innovations Award at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show. Others are coming down the pike as well, meaning that Paulson’s days will continue to be busy.

His experiences at SCSU helped him learn the “get up and do it” mentality, he says, an outlook that has helped him turn out some successful hits.

- Marisa Adler Vette

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