Partnership brings SCSU engineering management masterís to Twin Cities

Monday, April 4, 2005

Twin Cities residents can now earn a masterís in engineering management (MEM) without traveling
to the SCSU campus. Thatís possible because of a partnership between SCSU and Metropolitan
State University that is bringing the program to the metro area.

The MEM prepares graduates to assume managerial roles in technical and scientific organizations. The course content is suitable for engineers in such disciplines as mechanical manufacturing and industrial, electrical, civil, computer, and software engineering. The MEM program emphasizes economics and finance, focusing on the competencies required for managing engineering and technical projects and personnel.

The SCSU College of Science and Engineering is collaborating with the College of Management at Metropolitan State to offer the interdisciplinary
degree. SCSU remains the degree-granting institution. More information at www.StCloudState.edu/~mme/mem/metro

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