SCSU center keeps eyes on the road and hands on the wheel

Monday, October 11, 2004

The university's Highway Safety and Research Center has a terrific safety record.

By training more than 1,200 construction truck operators, the Minnesota High Safety & Research Center (MHSRC) has lowered road construction site accidents in the state by nearly 50 percent. The center did the work for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Minnesota State Patrol, and a number of highway construction companies.

"We know that we've saved some lives," say MHSRC staff.

Last year, the center also trained 20,000 drivers over the age of 55 and nearly 2,000 police, ambulance and other emergency service providers. Some instruction is provided by a statewide network of 50 instructors, but all behind-the-wheel training is done at the MHSRC training course just east of St. Cloud.

The center's clients include the Minnesota Department of Transportation and more than 80 law enforcement agencies.

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