On-campus summer housing

Monday, May 7, 2012

Coborn Plaza Apartments

A view of Coborn Plaza Apartments on Fifth Avenue adjacent to campus.

Summer is rapidly approaching. Students needing housing are encouraged to consider Shoemaker Hall and Coborn Plaza Apartments.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Intersession Housing will be housed in Shoemaker Hall from May 7-June 1
  • Summer Session Block I dates are May 14-June 22 (Shoemaker Hall)

  • Summer Session Block II dates are June 25-Aug. 2 (Shoemaker Hall)

Students wanting to live in Coborn Plaza Apartments will be allowed to do a separate lease from June 1 to July 28.  

The 2012 summer housing rates per person are as follows: (Please note that these rates may be subject to change):

  • Double room for North Shoemaker Hall (recently renovated) $75.00 per week
  • Single room for North Shoemaker Hall (recently renovated) $105.00 per week
  • Double room for the summer $68 per week
  • Single room for the summer $95 per week

Kitchen facilities are available on each floor.

For further information, policies and application forms, visit the Department of Residential Life

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