Student Research Colloquium

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 240 projects unveiled Tuesday at the Student Research Colloquium at Atwood Memorial Center were as varied as the nearly 500 students who presented them.

Some were light-hearted in nature, such asTyler Knudson’s analysis of amateur baseball team names.

Others were more serious, such as the one conducted by a group of students titled “Snatch and Run” which looked at the problem of laptop thefts on campus and whether steps to prevent them would make a significant impact.

And while the results of many of the research projects were inconclusive, they did get participants thinking.

Jason Tham, and advertising major, delved into the topic of the usage and implication of social networking sites as it pertains to St. Cloud State students. Tham surveyed 445 students about their usage of primarily Facebook, the No. 1 social networking site in the world with some 500 million users. He was looking in particular at the affects spending time on social networking sites impacts grades as well as a  person’s social development.

His research showed that women may use social networking sites more than men, spending an average of one to two hours a day on those compared to less than an hour for men. But he also showed that there was no significant impact on a person’s academics.

The changing world of technology were topics of many of the research products, including one presented on Hazardous Texting. In this case, students and faculty or staff who text while walking on campus were studied. Results were inconclusive for a variety of reasons.

Another interesting topic of research was titled “SCSU Where is the Love?” In this study five female students researched responses people gave when they were greeted by someone who ignored them as compared to when they are met with a smile or greeted with words. The results showed un unscientific but drastic difference..

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