St. Cloud feels chilly July

Saturday, August 1, 2009


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – According to St. Cloud State University professor of earth and atmospheric science Bob Weisman, July 2009 was the third coolest July on St. Cloud’s records with an average temperature of only 66 degrees.

A mere three days were above the month’s average temperature and five record cold temperatures were set during the four-day period of July 16-19. Weisman said the main contributing factor for the chilly temperatures was the flow of weather systems from Canada through the Great Lakes, which lowered temperatures throughout the state.

Weisman believes that the cool weather will continue into early August due to a low pressure system over Hudson Bay that will keep winds blowing from north central Canada into Minnesota.

The cooler temperatures in June and July combined with the predicted lower temperatures in August may result in this summer being one of the 10 coldest on St. Cloud’s records.

In addition to continuing the cool weather trend from June, July also contributed to a dry trend with the month’s total precipitation falling short of the average by almost an inch. This leaves the St. Cloud area nearly four inches short of the average rainfall for the growing season, which began on April 1.

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