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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – St. Cloud State University received the following grants.

Associate Professor Kurt Helgeson of St. Cloud State University’s College of Science and Engineering received a $7,500 grant from Amcon Block, Fisher Beavertail and Haldeman-Homme, Inc., for an industry-university partnership across Central Minnesota. Several pieces of equipment were purchased to help local schools and businesses produce sample and prototype parts. The equipment also provides experience for students through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Kathryn Gainey, professor of art, received a $1,000 grant from Art Educators of Minnesota for a partnership between the Paramount Visual Arts Center, the university’s art department, and St. Cloud State students and alumni. The grant helped fund a weekend celebration of the arts with an art exhibit, a reception at the Paramount Theatre and a concert by a local musician. Future Art Educators, a St. Cloud State student organization, also coordinated a state-wide art educators conference.

KVSC 88.1 FM, the university’s student-run radio station, is one of 10 in the nation to receive a $65,000 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Community Service Grant Program. The grant, awarded to stations offering educational, informational and local programming, will be used to create a new web site design, develop a marketing plan for the station and launch technical upgrades.  Described as the voice of St. Cloud since its founding in 1967, KVSC 88.1 FM offers listeners an alternative format without commercials, a diverse array of music, and coverage of news and community events.  To learn more, visit 

Professor Steve Covey, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, received a $10,808 grant from DCI, Inc., to determine how material chemistry, electro-polishing parameters and manufacturing processes affect surface quality through electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and Auger spectroscopy. Stainless steel is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries because it induces a protective oxide coating which resists corrosion, even in hostile environments. Electro-polishing techniques apply a current in the presence of an electrolyte to polish and activate the oxide coating on a surface in order to meet industry specifications. 

The St. Cloud State College of Science and Engineering, along with Cetkovic-Cvrlje et al, received a $142,615 grant from the National Science Foundation to purchase a Becton Dickinson flow cytometer (BD FACSCailibur), which is used for sophisticated cellular and molecular analyses such as immunophenotyping, absolute cell counts, cell cycle analysis and detection of fluorescent proteins and tumor cells. The acquisition will promote diverse research projects by at least nine of the university’s laboratories, as well as cross-departmental collaboration and student training in common-cell analysis techniques.

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