Student Government debate Wednesday, April 8

Monday, April 6, 2009


In anticipation of the Student Government Association (SGA) elections for president and vice president team April 13-15, SGA is holding a live debate on the Atwood Patio Wednesday, April 8, at 11 a.m.

The debate will be between two of the three parties on the ballot, Michael "Punch" Jamnick/Sam Sterner and Travis Holmberg/Birat Thapa. Questions will center on their experience and their plans for SGA. The current Vice President, Ben Blomgren, will be moderating the event.

"The elections shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but an informed decision." Blomgren said.  "The SGA president and vice president lead the senate and student association to many important decisions that greatly effect the entire student population."

The president of SGA serves as the official representative and spokesperson of the association with responsibility for presiding over weekly meetings and directing the work of other SGA officers and serving as the director on the MSUSA Board of Directors.  The vice president manages all internal and day-to-day functions of the SGA and maintains all financial records and transactions.

Students will cast their votes April 13-15 online or in polling stations in Atwood and Garvey. Along with voting for a president/VP, students will elect senators-at-large. Currently, nine senators are running for the 15 seats available to represent the student body. Students will also be asked two other questions on the ballot regarding priority registration for students involved in campus clubs with scheduled performances or competitions and to change the language regarding the Cultural Diversity Committee in the SGA Constitution.

The SGA exists to identify, promote and defend the rights of students. SGA strives to provide a meaningful method of student participation as citizens of the university community and to promote students’ interests and needs to student organizations.


About the Candidates:


Michael "Punch" Jamnick has served as a senator-at-large and is a former representative of the College of Fine Arts and Humanities. The "Night Bus" began during his term as chairperson of the Urban Affairs Committee when he co-authored the bill to get it approved by the students and campaigned in its favor. Overall, Jamnick has served in SGA for four semesters; two of them added to his duties the chairmanship of the Elections Committee. Outside of student government, Jamnick is a member of the Greek Community and is very active in local media. Currently, he is president and program director of the campus radio station, KVSC. He bartends on the weekend and enjoys being at the lake when he gets some down time.

Sam Sterner has served as a senator-at-large and chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee for SGA. Lobbying (including a trip to Washington, D.C.) on behalf of students, serving on the Elections Committee, and partaking in MSUSA work are someof the ways Sterner has shown commitment to students. Outside of SGA, Sterner studies finance and community development and enjoys traveling and dancing like it's nobody's business.


Travis Holmberg, a sophomore, has as his goal if elected president to bring back Husky school pride, which he plans to do by creating a traditions committee that will be responsible for bringing back SCSU traditions that have faded over the years.  The incoming freshman classes will be taught to respect and be proud of the Huskies, he says.  With Birat Thapa at his side as vice president, he hopes to usher SCSU into a new era of student involvement. 

Birat Thapa is a sophomore majoring in political science with a minor in international relations. He served as a senator in spring 2008 and then as chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. He is student director of the SCSU Survey and is the public relations and communications director of the Cricket Club. He feels that with hard work and perseverance he and his running mate Travis Holmberg can make SCSU a place where everyone is proud to be a Husky.


Bobby Scepaniak has served the SGA as a member of the Fee Allocation Committee and as vice president.  He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business economics from SCSU and is a graduate student in the MBA program.  He is a student-athlete on the men’s track & field team and is a member of the Graduate Student Advisory Board at SCSU. Scepaniak’s passions lie in economics, in which he is very active; athletics, in which he competes and coaches; and the outdoors, where he hunts, goes fishing and loves recreation. 

Adam Scepaniak is a student-athlete on the men’s track & field team and is majoring in athletic training with a minor in biology.  His passions are athletics, whether it be competing or coaching; the sciences, which represent much of his coursework; and volunteering, whether it be for the Special Olympics, area track meets, or at Country Manor nursing home.  

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