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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sign up today for Star Alert, a free campus emergency notification system

Sign up today for Star Alert, a free campus emergency notification system.


QUESTION: If there's a campus emergency, how will you know?

ANSWER: Star Alert, an emergency notification system that sends you an e-mail and a text message. 

But, first you have to sign up for the free service.

Star Alert messages briefly note the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, should be taken, and where to find additional information. Multiple numbers and addresses can be registered, including those of parents or others a registrant would want notified. HuskyNet addresses are automatically entered in the system.

Star Alert is one of several ways students and employees might be notified of a campus emergency. Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, notification methods could include:

  • Alerts on the St. Cloud State Web site
  • E-mail message to HuskyNet addresses
  • Voicemail message on campus phones
  • Flyers posted on building doors
  • Loud tone and message on the outdoor chimes/music system
  • Message on closed-circuit televisions

To-date, about 27 percent of faculty, staff and students have signed up.

St. Cloud State is piloting Star Alert for MnSCU. The university is conducting a spring semester campaign to increase awareness of, and participation in, the Star Alert. The campaign will include e-mail, posters, bookmarks distributed at the Husky Bookstore and Garvey Commons, flyers in campus computer labs, a story in a newsletter that goes to parents of new students, advertising and mention in advising/registration materials.

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