Fall 2013 student election results

Friday, December 13, 2013

Students voted to keep the athletics line item of their activity fees unchanged to maintain programming in athletics indefinitely, according to results announced at the Dec. 12 Student Government meeting.

They also supported the recommendation to rename fall Celebrate! St. Cloud State to "Homecoming Week" and create a "Winter Homecoming." Twelve student senators also were elected.

Election results

Total ballots: 1,794
Eligible voters: 18,986
Percent voting: 9.4 percent

Question No. 1 concerning the student Homecoming: Should we rename the Fall Celebrate, one of the existing Celebrate weekends into “Homecoming Week,” while also having the same enhanced programming?

  • 1,564 (88 percent) voted yes
  • 135 (8 percent) voted no
  • 74 (4 percent) chose no answer

Questions No. 2 concerning the student Homecoming: Should we remove the Celebrate St Cloud Spring and Summer Weekends and create a “Winter Homecoming” with the same Celebrate Spirit Week programming and have hockey be a central focus?

  • 1,275 (72 percent) voted yes
  • 358 (20 percent) voted no 
  • 128 (7 percent) chose no answer

Question No. 1 concerning student athletic fees: Should the Athletic line item of the Student Activity Fee remain constant in order to maintain programs in the Department of Athletics?

  • 1,368 (77 percent) voted yes
  • 313 (18 percent) voted no
  • 91 (5 percent) chose no answer

Questions No. 2 concerning student athletic fees: Should Athletics be required to renew the Athletic line item of the Student Activity Fee in fiscal year 2018?

  • 740 (42 percent) voted yes
  • 825 (47 percent) voted no
  • 198 (11 percent) chose no answer

Student senators

Herberger School of Business

  • Dustin Johnson: 801
  • Chad Robinson: 702

College of Science and Engineering

  • Alex Bryson: 1,274
  • Courtney Peine: 2

School of Public Affairs

  • Jerett Reuter: 1,175
  • Alfredo Oliveira: 11

School of Education

  • April Winter: 4
  • Sam Boisner 4

School of Health and Human Services

  • Heide Monson: 3
  • Julia Dowden: 2

College of Liberal Arts

  • Samantha Peterson: 3
  • Jenna Knutson: 2

The results from the Dec. 2-4 student elections were expected to be announced at the Dec. 5 Student Government meeting, but were held for review following conversations among former Elections Committee Chairwoman Courtney Downing, Student Government President Eric Petersen and Student Government advisor Wanda Overland, vice president for Student Life and Development. There were undocumented claims of inappropriate campaigning behavior within proximity of a polling place that needed further review, Peterson said in his election results statement at the Dec. 12 meeting.

"After reviewing the facts and the results, I am confident that announcing the election results is the right thing to do for the student body that the Student Government represents," Petersen said.

Per student government’s constitution, the Judicial Council is responsible for certifying the election results. The council will need to meet and reach an agreement about certification of the results in 2014 once a new chief justice is appointed following the resignation of Devon Bowker.

The current student activity fees remain unchanged through the academic year.

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