Fall survey 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The SCSU Survey at St. Cloud State University has completed its annual fall statewide survey and is releasing results beginning today.

The first release reflects job approvals of President Barack Obama, Gov. Mark Dayton, and Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. Also included are results from the annual Feeling Thermometer that includes U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann and four political parties: Democrat Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party and the Tea Party.

Feeling Thermometer

Ratings on the thermometer between 50 and 100 degrees meant the respondent felt favorable and "warm."

Respondents were "warm" to Klobuchar who came in at 66 degrees and Franken at 51:

  • Klobuchar: 66
  • Franken: 51
  • Dayton: 49
  • Obama: 46
  • Bachmann: 31

The Feeling Thermometer also shows that Minnesotans do not feel especially "warm" about any of the four political parties. However, the Democratic Party ranked the highest:

  • Democratic Party: 47
  • Republican Party: 40
  • Libertarian Party: 37
  • Tea Party: 31

Job approvals

Job approval ratings of Obama and Dayton both have gone down since the 2012 SCSU Survey. Of the four political figures represented, Klobuchar was the only one with a positive rating:

  • Obama positive: 38 percent
  • Obama negative: 61 percent
  • Dayton positive: 44 percent
  • Dayton negative: 52 percent
  • Franken positive: 39 percent
  • Franken negative: 51 percent
  • Klobuchar positive: 57 percent
  • Klobuchar negative: 34 percent

More survey results will be released during the week of Dec. 1. Results will include Minnesotans’ views on the direction of the state, what is the most important problem facing the state, which political party if any can best handle these problems and what political party they would like to control the Minnesota House of Representatives after the 2014 election.

Following will be Minnesotans views on legalizing marijuana in general and for medical use and their use of marijuana. The current political affiliation of Minnesotans will also be released. Also being prepared for release is a series of questions relating to immigration.

Results will be posted at

The 629 (626 after weighting and data cleaning) randomly chosen adult Minnesotans were interviewed Oct. 20-27 via live interviewers and random phone bank calling to reach landlines and cell phones. Interviews were conducted by about 48 trained St. Cloud State students who were supervised by faculty and student directors.

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