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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tony Jackson, keynote speaker at the May 9 Statewide Summit on Global Learning

Tony Jackson, keynote speaker at the May 9 Statewide Summit on Global Learning.

Education and business leaders will gather May 9 at St. Cloud State to improve global literacy among Minnesota's preschool through 12th grade students.

Sponsors of the Statewide Summit on Global Learning say Minnesota curricula must reflect the global, borderless flow of ideas and capital.

Keynote speaker Tony Jackson, a vice president at the Asia Society, argues America's educational systems must prepare students for success in an interconnected world.

In an essay on, Jackson calls for "schools to produce students that actually know something about the world -- its cultures, languages and how its economic, environmental and social systems work."

The summit is in Atwood Memorial Center. Parking is free on streets adjacent to campus and a dollar per hour in the 4th Avenue Parking Ramp.

The summit will focus on a strategic plan that has five parts:

  • Develop global competency through world-class curricula and expanded learning opportunities
  • Expand world language opportunities
  • Provide global competency professional development for all teachers and administrators
  • Strengthen partnerships among those with global interests, including schools, governments, businesses, communities and organizations
  • Develop and implement an action plan for global education in Minnesota

Other summit speakers include:

Heather Singmaster, Asia Society
Jennifer Manise, Longview Foundation
Wing Huie, The Third Place
Dana Mortenson, World Savvy
Bill Gaudelli, Columbia University
Steve Sullivan, Sullivan International Group
Michael Hartoonian, Hamline University    
Local language-immersion students

Huie, a Minnesota photographer, is known for documenting the socioeconomic and cultural realities of American life. 

Sponsors of the Statewide Summit on Global Education include St. Cloud State, Minnesota Department of Education and the Longview Foundation.

Summit funding comes from $30,798 grant from the Longview Foundation, which is based in Falls Church, Va. The foundation has been promoting education in world affairs and international understanding since 1966.  

Guiding the state's global learning initiative is a 41-member advisory board that includes St. Cloud State employees Osman Alawiye, dean of the School of Education, Kathy Johnson, associate professor of special education, and Margaret Villanueva, professor of ethnic and women's studies. 

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