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Friday, October 12, 2012

Red flags west of Stewart Hall call attention to dating violence

Red flags west of Stewart Hall call attention to dating violence.

In October St. Cloud State is observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a national effort to stop dating violence on college campuses.

Students and employees are participating in The Red Flag Campaign, which encourages students to intervene when they see the "red flags" of dating violence in their friends’ relationships.

“Friends have an influential role in intervening in dating violence not only with the victim, but also with the abusive partner,” said Vanessa Burggraff, Redfield, S.D., Residential Life Social Justice and Diversity Committee representative.

Joining the Residential Life Social Justice and Diversity Committee in implementing the campaign are the Women’s Center, Multicultural Student Services, LGBT Resource Center, Equity and Affirmative Action Office, Students for Sexual Consent and Women’s Action.

Burggraff said peer groups have the ability to provide safety and support and can also dictate what behaviors are unacceptable. The key, she said, is “helping college students harness their power to change the cultural tolerance of violence in relationships.”

While dating, college students are at extremely high risk of perpetrating or being a victim of physical or sexual violence:

  • 32 percent of college students report dating violence by a previous partner and 21 percent report violence by a current partner
  • 12 percent of completed rapes, 35% of attempted rapes and 22 percent of threatened rapes occur on a date
  • 51 percent of college males admit perpetrating one or more sexual assault incidents during college

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