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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A meeting of the Student-Parent Support Group

Maggie Schneider, 2, plays with toys while her parents, David and Michelle Schneider, talk with others about being student-parents.

Students who are parents have a new group to help them through their college experience.

The St. Cloud State Student Parent Support Group is part of the Young Student Parent Support Initiative, which helps parenting students achieve their higher education goals and maintain the well-being of themselves and their children.

Each Tuesday student-parents meet to talk about the challenges of earning a college education while living life as a mom or dad. The group met Sept. 4 in ECC 112A, a narrow room with white brick walls, fluorescent lights, red leather furniture and a collection of children’s toys.

Phylicia Linn, community health major, is expecting her second child about Thanksgiving. Her baby will be less than a month old during finals week, but professors have been accommodating, she said, allowing her to take final exams before her due date.

“They’ve been really good,” she told the group.

David Schneider is a mechanical engineering student. He and his wife, Michelle, who attended the meeting with their daughter Maggie, are expecting their second child about Thanksgiving, as well. Michelle told the tale of how her mother would travel with her while Michelle attended Sister Rosalyn’s School of Massage. Her mom kept newborn Maggie in a nearby room at the school and got Michelle out of class when Maggie needed to eat. This is just one of many examples of the challenges student-parents can face.

Wedum Scholarship

The J.A. Wedum Foundation, in conjunction with St. Cloud State University, offers $2,000 scholarships to eligible undergraduate single mothers. Learn more about the Wedum Scholarship.

Support group members swapped study strategies, parenting practices and a few laughs during the Tuesday meeting. Parents and caregivers are invited to join the group. 

Funded in part by a $280,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Health, the Young Student Parent Support Initiative is housed in the Engineering and Computing Center and coordinated by Amanda Toppe at 320-308-3246 or

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