Students honored for volunteer work abroad

Thursday, December 11, 2008


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Several St. Cloud State University students have been honored with Alnwick District Council scholarships, given to students who participate in community service while studying in Alnwick, England.

The primary beneficiary was sophomore Ally Burton of Jamestown, N.D., who received ₤200 for her work at the Alnwick Day Hospice, the Baliffgate Museum and the Alnwick Playhouse.

Secondary winners, each receiving ₤100, were sophomore Antonio Bianco of Rockville, Minn., for volunteering at the Alnwick Day Hospice; sophomore Casey Bianco of Rockville, Minn., for her work at the Alnwick Day Hospice and for her discussion of the U.S. elections on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s “Politics Show”; senior David Voigt of St. Cloud, Minn., for hours donated at Lionheart Radio and appearing on the BBC’s “Politics Show”; and senior Kayla Woodberry, also from St. Cloud, for her work at the Lions Club Bookshop and her appearance on the BBC’s “Politics Show.”

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