Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Undergraduate AdmissionsThe Music Department curriculum is nationally accredited and emphasizes creativity, individual student learning and vibrant performance opportunities fostered by highly experienced and accessible faculty.

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University Admissions

Applied Music Audition

  • Saturday, December 8th (Application Deadline: December 1st)
  • Saturday, January 26th (Application Deadline: January 19th)

All entering students wishing to study an applied instrument for the fulfillment of curriculum required of a music degree must perform an entrance audition.

Entrance Audition Application and Information

Piano Placement Audition

A piano placement audition will be given to all incoming students, freshmen and transfers, at one of the three entrance audition times. The purpose of the audition is to determine the level of study for each incoming student taking piano as a secondary instrument. Students with no piano background will be advised to take class piano.

MUSP 101, 102 and 110 Placement Information (pdf 1.6mb)
Dr. Carmen Wilhite

Theory Placement Exam

A theory placement exam will be given to all incoming students, freshmen and transfer students. Results determine the level at which each student should register.

Sample Theory Placement Exam (pdf 56k)
Questions? Dr. Melissa Krause

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