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Husky Sports Band

The Husky Sports Band is the "Sound of St. Cloud State" and performs for athletic and campus-community events year-round to represent the university.

Since the band's debut March 1, 2006, it has continued to perform for athletic games and community events on and off campus. Membership is open to all students as well as those from St. Cloud Technical and Community College, College of St. Benedict, St. John’s University and local high school band programs. There is no audition to join.

The band has also traveled with athletic teams to conference tournaments for basketball, football and with men's Huskies Hockey to the 2013 NCAA Frozen Four in Pittsburgh.

Additional information

St. Cloud State Dixieland Band

Composed of students from the Husky Sports Band, this small ensemble includes clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tenor saxophone, tuba, drums and banjo. For more information or to schedule a performance, contact Glen Tuomaala.


  • At the end of each rehearsal or performance the director says, "Thank you for learning" and the band replies, "Thank you for teaching."
  • The band wears red and white Santa hats during the last home basketball game before winter break.
  • When the score at home basketball games is a palindrome (same number forwards as backwards) the band chants "Pa-lin-drome!" until the score changes.
  • Rehearsal outside of the Performing Arts Center is called the "Concrete Jungle," rehearsing in the shade is called "Sherwood Forest," and outside Atwood is called "Area 51."
  • For football pregame the Husky Sports Band runs out of the tunnel under the stadium while the drumline plays.
  • Every year on March 1, the Husky Sports Band celebrates its birthday and offers free birthday cake for the band members and campus.
  • On its 10th anniversary the Husky Sports Band minted a custom coin, released a new compact disc and had a proclamation from the city.
  • Second-year veterans are awarded with dog tags. Engraved on each dog tag is "Husky License - The Sound of St. Cloud State"
  • Members of the Husky Sports Band recognize other band members who put in more work than normal by awarding the "Cone of Awesome." If you have the Cone of Awesome you may paint, decorate, or paste anything you want until awarded again. It has since been blue, pink, red, black and even had feathers.
  • We consider it bad luck to walk on the St. Cloud State logo inside the hallway of Halenbeck Hall. Therefore, band members often try to walk around the floor logo.
  • The first piece of music added to the music library for the St. Cloud State Bands was the Albanian March by R.B. Hall, Copyright 1895 by Carl Fischer.