Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Transfer & Returning Scholarships

  • Glenn W. Flint Memorial Trumpet Scholarship
  • Roger Barrett Brass Scholarship
  • Anne Simonett Memorial Instrumental Scholarships
  • Mildred McGonagle Voice Scholarship
  • Helen Steen Huls Memorial Voice Scholarship
  • Fred and Helen Huls Memorial Voice Scholarships
  • David Ernest Woodwind Scholarship
  • Jean Adler Low Wind Scholarship
  • Pearson Family Foundation Scholarship in Band Music Education
  • Dorothy Weismann Memorial Voice Scholarship
  • Harvey Waugh Memorial String Scholarship
  • David Swenson Memorial Foundation Percussion Scholarship(renewable)
  • Ruth Gant Piano Scholarships
  • Earl Danforth Music Scholarships
  • Myrl Carlsen Voice Scholarship

In order to renew or audition for a returning student scholarship, one must maintain an overall GPA of 2.75, and a music GPA of 3.0, and must have applied for the major. All scholarship recipients must participate in lessons and a performing organization for the entire academic year, as advised and dictated by your curriculum.

Unless otherwise stated, scholarships are not renewable and students will audition annually for scholarship consideration.

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