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The Women's Choir provides, for any female student on campus, the opportunity to study and perform distinctive literature for women's voices including classical choral music, contemporary works, world music, folk songs and spirituals. Long-term relationships develop out of the musical experiences that are shared by choir members during rehearsals and performances.

Choir members take pride in the work they do in preparation for performances, which typically occur near the end of each semester. A highly regarded annual concert celebrating the rich diversity in the lives of women and girls is presented each spring in collaboration with Cantabile Girls' Choir and female Department of Music faculty members.

We have the highest expectations of students and faculty and are committed to their growth and development.
For more information contact Mary Jo Bot / (320) 308-3836

Women's Choir Repertoire 2000-2013 (pdf 82k)

Women's Choir - MUSP 161
Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

mp3 (148k) Never Die by L. Dengler






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Her Story, Her Song

Her Story, Her Song is an annual musical offering in which the Women's Choir, Cantabile Girls' Choir, and music faculty honor the female experience in song, word and action. This musical event has evolved from six years of collaboration and friendship among women faculty members in the Department of Music. It offers rich opportunities for teaching and learning, provides excellent mentoring models, and creates awareness of diverse experiences.

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Mary Jo Bot

Women's Choir

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Voice/Vocal Pedagogy

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Men's Choir

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