Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Department - St. Cloud State University

Music Minor

Music Minor to complement another field of study. 18 semester credits with flexibility in class choices including 3 credits of music electives and 2 semesters of an elective performing organization. Consult a department music advisor for complete details.

MUSM 101      Theory 1 3 Credits
MUSM 111      Musicianship 1  2 Credits
MUSM 123      Experiencing Live Music  3 Credits
MUSM 125    Music in World Cultures 3 Credits
Applied Lessons 2 (2 semesters @ 1 cr. ea)
Performing Organization 2 (2 semesters @ 1 cr. ea)
Music Electives 3 Credits
  • MUSM 125 credits count towards LEP requirements in Goal Area 8.
  • Applied Lessons and Performing Organizations credits count towards LEP requirements in Goal Area 6.

BA Minor Planning Guide (pdf 198k)

New Media - Music and Art Minor (24 credits)

This multi-disciplinary minor complements any major, including those in art or music. It focuses on the intellectual, creative, and technical skills associated with new media. Minors need art department permission to register for art courses.

Minors will acquire the following skills: studio and field audio recording, editing, mixing, digital signal processing, synthesis and sound design, as well as a range of skills in visual media depending on a student’s chosen courses. Areas for study in visual arts include multimedia and interactive digital media, video production, and digital photography. The minor will encourage interdisciplinary experimentation and the synthesis of audio and visual production.

Core Required Courses (15 credits):

  • ART 105 – Computer Studio
  • ART 202 – Combined Media
  • MUSM 433 – Electronic Sound
  • MUSM 434 – Digital Sound, Synthesis and Composition
  • MUSM 435 – Studio for Interrelated Media

Select one course from the following (3 credits):

  • MUSM 437 –Topics in New Media: Non-Traditional Performance Study (topics have includedDIY Audio; Interactive Sound; Audio for the Web; Arduino)
  • MUSM 438 – Topics in New Media: Theoretical Approach (topics have included Sound and Cinema)

Select two courses from the following (6 credits):

  • ART 381 – Multimedia
  • ART 382 – Digital Tools
  • ART 383 – Video I
  • ART 384 – Video II
  • ART 385 – Photo I
  • ART 386 – Photo II
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