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Master of Science Information Assurance


St. Cloud State University is responding to the recent growth and needs in information assurance and security management. Providing security to information systems is one of the highest national priorities. Information system security curriculum will play a major role in developing our future experts to reach that goal. It is important to prepare computer information system professionals with current security and assurance information skills. MSIA program at SCSU provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of information security in order to meet the current demand of information security professionals.  Graduates will explore the security life cycle and assist organizations in meeting their need for information security in their information systems.


  • Providing a thorough knowledge as managers and technology professionals concerned with the design, development, implementation, function, and management of secure information systems.
  • Providing a thorough knowledge in protecting an organization's information assets effectively and efficiently.
  • Giving necessary practice on the tools to integrate security into the corporate culture.
  • Preparing graduates for holding leadership roles in information assurance.
  • Allowing our students to enhance their career alternatives through an interdisciplinary approach to IA.

More information about the Master of Science in Information Assurance graduate program is available in the University Catalog: