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LR&TS Subject Guides

If you are researching about groups of color in the U.S. – the following are useful links to SCSU Library’s Subject Guides that list academic resources on specific groups of color. 

Diversity Issues:

Ethnic Studies (African Americans):

Ethnic Studies (American Indians):

Ethnic Studies (Asian Pacific Americans):

Ethnic Studies (General):

Ethnic Studies (Latino/Chicano):

Human Relations and Multicultural Education:

SCSU Cultural Audits

The following are links to studies conducted on the racial climate on the SCSU campus.  SCSU Cultural Audits are also available at (Click on “Cultural Audits”).

Anti-Semitism at St. Cloud State University as Perceived by Selected Jewish and Non-Jewish Faculty, Students, and Staff, 2001:

EEOC Report February 2002:

Independent Review Committee (IRC), October 2002:

St. Cloud State University Cultural Audit: Final Report (Nichols Report) 2002:

Campus Climate Assessment (Rankin Report) 2003:

Independent Review Committee on Campus Culture May 2003:

Updated Dec. 12, 2013

Demographics at SCSU

The following are links to statistical information, including racial demographics, of students and faculty & staff at SCSU.

The Office of Institutional Research, Fact Book:

Student Enrollment:

Faculty & Staff:

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