Multicultural Resource Center

Multicultural Resouce Center - St. Cloud State University

Diversity/MGM Courses

AFST 250: Introduction to African Studies

ANTH 101: Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 130: Introduction to Prehistoric Cultures
ANTH 140: Human Origins
ANTH 188: Indians of the Americas

ART 131: Introduction to the Visual Arts of the World

ASTR 120: Archaeoastronomy

AVIT 107: Women in Aviation

BIOL 106: Cultural Botany
BIOL 107: Biology of Women

CFS 260: Children in a Changing World

CJS 111: Crime and Justice in America

CMST 330: Intercultural Communication

CMTY 111: Race in America
CMTY 222: Diversity in the American Experience
CMTY 470: The Black Community

COMM 146: American Television and Cultural Diversity
COMM 275: Documentaries of the Holocaust

DANC 341: Global Dance Perspectives

EAST 250: Introduction to East Asia

ECON 350: Economics of Developing Countries

ED 250: Children's Rights
ED 374: Multicultural Children's Literature

ENGL 203: Gender Issues in Literature
ENGL 215: American Indian Literature
ENGL 216: African American Literature
ENGL 305: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Literature

ETHS 201: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHS 205: Introduction to Chicano/a Studies
ETHS 210: Introduction to American Indian Studies
ETHS 215: Introduction to Asian American Studies
ETHS 220: Introduction to African American Studies
ETHS 350: Minorities in Latin America

ETS 183: Technology and Third World Development

GEOG 111:  Introduction to Global Geography
GEOG 270: Introduction to Cultural Geography

HIST 106: Historical Studies
HIST 109: Race in America
HIST 150: Twentieth Century World

HURL 101: Human Relations, Harassment & Personal Behavior
HURL 102: Human Relations and Race
HURL 105: Racism and Education
HURL 201: Non-Oppressive Relationships I
HURL 206: Understanding Oppression
HURL 497: Human Relations for Teachers I
HURL 498: Human Relations for Teachers II

IM 204: Research Strategies

JPN 101: Elementary Japanese I
JPN 102: Elementary Japanese II

LAST 250: Introduction to Latin America
LAST 350: Minorities in Latin America

MUSE 125: Music in World Culture

PESS 125: Social Dance

PHIL 111: Multicultural Philosophy
PHIL 211: Philosophy and Feminism

POL 337: Emerging Political Issues in the Nonwestern World
POL 320: Women in Politics
POL 335: African Government and Politics

PSY 225: Psychology of Women

REL 100: World Religions

SOC 111: Social Problems
SOC 200: The Social Dimensions of Environmental Change
SOC 211: Social Myths and Realities of Crime
SOC 268: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 273: Sociology of Gender

SOV 100: Introduction to Soviet and Eurasian Studies

SPED 203: Special Education Foundations

TH 130: World Theatre

WS 201: Introduction to Women's Studies

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