Manufacturing Process Center


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Department of Technological Studies jointly runs manufacturing center to enhance the strength and resources of the two departments in the area of manufacturing. The center currently offers instructional service for the laboratories in the area of manufacturing processes, materials processing, CAD/CAM, GD&T and process/tool design. The center also cooperate with St. Cloud Technical and Community College for the Metrology, Welding and Wire-EDM laboratories. The address is: Headley Hall 212, 720 Fourth Ave. S., St. Cloud, MN 56301. The contact for MME Department is: Prof. Jay Byun, (320)308-0148 (Office), (320)308-5654 (Fax). For ETS Department: Prof. Jim Nicholson, (320)308-4705


Equipment List

  • Foundry (Casting)



  • Welding Equipments (Arc Welding, Resistance Spot Welding) (First photo – St. Cloud Technical College Welding Lab)



  • Metal Machining (CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Machining Center)





  • Materials Testing (Impact Tester, Hardness Tester, Tensile Tester) - (MME Material Characterization Lab offers more variety of testing)



  • Metrology/Measurement and Instrumentation (CMM, Tool Dynamometer, Laser  Displacement Sensors, Formscan Machine, Surface Tester, Proximity Sensors, Capacitance Sensors, Optical Comparator, Surface Plates, Various Metrology Gages, Data Acquisition) (Second photo – St. Cloud Technical College Welding Lab)

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  • Sheet Metal Fabrication and Thin Film Cutter equipment




MME Courses utilizing the Manufacturing Center


1.MME-330 Engineering Materials Processing I

Manufacture of products and manufacturing processes. Casting, forming, cutting, sheet-metal working, process theories and practice. Lab. Prereq.: 210, 340 (or concurrent). 3 Cr. F.


2.MME-331 Engineering Materials Processing II

Processing of polymers, ceramics, and composites; computer-aided manufacturing; joining processes; processing of non-traditional machining; surface-finishing processes; elements of the competitive and integrated manufacturing environment. Lab. Prereq.: 330. 3 Cr. S.


3.MME-480, -481 Engineering Design Project I, II

Group engineering design project under faculty supervision. Projects typical of problems mechanical and manufacturing engineers must solve in the field. Presentations and formal technical report required. Prereq.: Senior standing, permission of department. 3 Cr. F, S.


4.MME-441/541 Machine Design

Theory and practice in machine design for functionality and acceptability of dynamic loads; mechanical design process; effects of accelerations and vibrations; material selection; special topics. Prereq.: 341, 345. 2 Cr. S.


5.MME 422/522. Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Part design specification, computer aided design, process engineering, programmable logic controller, data communication, fundamentals of numerical control, rapid prototyping, process planning. Technical elective, offered on DEMAND. Prereq.: 320, 330, 340, 350; MATH 311. 3 Cr. F, DEMAND.


6.MME 430/530. Metrology/Precision Manufacturing.

Theories of tolerancing, gaging, error assessment and calibration, interferometry, precision sensing and their application to the design and monitoring of precision machinery, Prereq.:MME 330, 350 C Cr.


7.MME 435/535. Processing of Metals.

Theory and properties of metals; detailed analysis of metals processing including extrusion, forging, casting, nanofabrication, semisolid, precision machining. Design and specification of processing methods. Emphasis varies. Technical elective, offered on DEMAND. Lab. Prereq.: 200 or 301, 320, 330, 341; MATH 325. 3 Cr. S, DEMAND.


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