ASEM Certified

The only Master's program in Minnesota certified by the American Society for Engineering Management.



Now you can earn your Master’s in Engineering Management (MEM) from St. Cloud State University, in just 18 months in the Twin Cities.

A combined program with St. Cloud State University and Metropolitan State University brings together management philosophy, technical know-how and exceptional faculty. The program is designed for busy working adults so classes are held on Friday nights and Saturday mornings on the Metropolitan State University campus.  Learn more about MEM.

Our Master’s in Engineering Management degree will challenge you to think in ways you’ve never thought of before. It will push you higher and further than you ever thought you could go. It will allow you to look at your career from a more experienced, more explorative point of view. And just as importantly, it forces others to look at you in a whole new light.

MEM Metro Cohort Graduates

Photos of the recent MEM metro cohort graduates. Click on a photo to enlarge.

First MEM Cohort Graduates   2009 MEM Cohort Graduates
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