ASEM Certified

The only Master's program in Minnesota certified by the American Society for Engineering Management.


About Master of Engineering Management

Our Master's in Engineering Management degree is an advanced and accelerated program unlike any other. It is designed to be flexible and responsive to both student and employer needs. It is formulated to cover a wide spectrum of disciplines in a concentrated amount of time. It is engineered to foster creativity and connection between students, faculty and local industry. And it is essential if you wish to grow within your career.

Designed for individuals with undergraduate degrees in any field, this 18-month program is complete and competitive. And with classes every other week (Friday night/Saturday morning) in the heart of St. Paul on the Metropolitan State University Campus it's convenient to your schedule.


  • Flexible program, open to individuals with an undergraduate degree in any field who now desire a master’s level degr ee in the engineering field.
  • Efficient and effective, this SCSU Master’s program can be completed in 18 months with two classes a week.
  • Small, peer-group classes provide individualized attention and a challenging atmosphere.
  • A unique collaboration between St. Cloud State University and Metropolitan State University offers progressive thinking, experienced faculty and advanced instruction.
  • An SCSU Master’s degree is earned right here in the Twin Cities.


  • Peer-group format classes of 20 students who meet every other week for each semester over the 18-month period.
  • Classes are held on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings every other week.
  • All classes are held on the Metropolitan State University campus in St. Paul.
  • Courses are geared toward individuals in any engineering field who are looking to improve management skills.
  • The program is designed to provide an organizational and personal competitive advantage.
  • Studies and subjects directly apply to the workplace—what you learn today is something you can use at work tomorrow.
  • Coursework includes studies in engineering management, quality engineering, project and financial management, world class manufacturing, managerial economics, facilities planning, organizational behavior, operations management, a workplace-based industrial project and a two-credit starred paper.

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  • Employment opportunities for Master’s-level graduates continue to increase.
  • Salaries are typically 32 percent higher than undergraduate-level employees.
  • The knowledge and dedication it takes to earn a Master’s degree are hallmarks of rapid career advancement.


  • Undergraduate degree in any field from an accredited institution.
  • GRE or GMATT score, however for the first peer-group class which begins January 14, 2006, this requirement will be waived for candidates with good academic and professional experience and who interview with the program’s graduate director.

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