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We are proud of the fact that most of our graduate business courses are taught by full-time faculty with terminal degrees (Ph.D., D.B.A. and J.D.) from some of the nation’s top business schools. It’s no wonder that our MBA students give high praise to our “knowledgeable, caring and responsive” faculty.


Fredin, Amy (2008)
Associate Professor, Ph.D. 2008 University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Johnson, Scott W. (1987)
Associate Professor, J.D. 1976 University of North Dakota

Mooney, Kathleen K. (1986)
Professor, Ph.D. 1989 Texas A & M University

Portz, Kristin S. (2000)
Professor, Ph.D. 2000 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Strong, Joel M. (1999)
Professor, Ph.D. 1999 University of Nebraska Lincoln

Zupanc, Thomas A. (2000)
Professor, LL.M. 1982 George Washington School of Law J.D. 1981 Hamline University School of Law

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Gangopadhyay, Partha (1992)
Professor, Ph.D. 1993 University of Iowa

Haley, Joseph D. (1998)
Professor, Ph.D. 1990 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hudson, William C. (1999)
Professor, Ph.D. 1996 University of North Texas

Mooney, Steven P. (1986)
Professor, Ph.D. 1989 Texas A & M University

Supanvanij, Janikan (2003)
Professor, Ph.D. 2003 Saint Louis University

Zhang, Li (2007)
Associate Professor, Ph.D. 2008 University of Calgary

Information Systems

Chen, Quingjun Jim (1998)
Professor, Ph.D. 1995 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Guster, Dennis (1988)
Professor, Ed.D. 1981 University of Missouri, St. Louis

Herath, Susantha (2001)
Professor, Ph.D. 1991 Keio University, Japan

Phan, Dien (1991)
Professor, Ph.D. 1990 University of Arizona

Safonov, Pavel (2002)
Professor, Ph.D. 1995 Russian Academy of Sciences--Institute for Control Sciences

Schmidt, Mark B. (1996, 2005)
Professor, Ph.D. 2006 Mississippi State University

Sohn, Changsoo (2000)
Professor, Ph.D. 2000 Southern Illinois University

Song, Jae H. (1978)
Professor, Ph.D. 1978 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Ahmad, Sohel (1997)
Professor, Ph.D. 1998 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Davis, Elaine (1985)
Professor, Ph.D. 1992 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Eagle, Bruce W. (1993)
Professor, Ph.D. 1995 Georgia State University

Kim, Konghee (2005)
Professor, Ph.D. 2005 University of Texas at Arlington

Moorthy, Subba (1999)
Professor, Ph.D. 1990 New York University

Pesch, Michael J. (1987)
Professor, Ph.D. 1990 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Rhee, Yinsog (1988)
Associate Professor, Ph.D. 1985 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Roth, Lawrence (1990)
Professor, Ph.D. 1987 Tulane University

Tan, James A. (2006)
Professor, Ph.D. 2001 University of Akron

Ward, Edward A. (1990)
Professor, Ph.D. 1986 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Weber, James E. (1999)
Professor, Ph.D. 1996 New Mexico State University

Weber, Paula S. (1999)
Professor, Ph.D. 1995 New Mexico State University

Marketing & Business Law

Asquith, JoAnn L. (1993)
Professor, Ph.D. 1990 Claremont Graduate School

Bristow, Dennis N. (1995)
Professor, Ph.D. 1995 Oklahoma State University

Gulati, Rajesh (2000)
Professor, Ph.D. 1999 University of North Texas-Denton

Kellerman, Debra K. (1983)
Professor, Ph.D. (1981) University of Iowa

Klemz, Bruce (2006)
Professor, Ph.D. 1995 University of Iowa

Kurtz, Janell M. (1986)
Professor, J.D. 1983 University of Memphis

Oyedele, Adesegun (2008)
Associate Professor, Ph.D. 2008 The University of Texas - Pan American

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