The St. Cloud State University MBA program combines a broad-based business education with the flexibility to focus on a program of study that reflects your own personal goals and talents. The curriculum is designed to satisfy the following objectives:

  • Provide basic analytical tools from the various functional areas of business that are required by managers to make decisions;
  • Promote skills in creativity and problem solving;
  • Develop skills in ethical decision making; planning and implementing;
  • Instill written and oral communication abilities;
  • Foster a continuous learning orientation among faculty and students; and
  • Build a thorough understanding of today’s social, political and economic environment.

Concentrations and Areas of Emphasis

Students may choose to take their elective courses in a selected concentration. Official concentrations are offered in information systems, economics and human resources. Students may also customize their MBA program by taking their electives in areas of emphasis such as e-commerce, operations management, finance and marketing.

Program Requirements

The MBA curriculum is divided into two phases. Phase I consists of foundation courses in the functional areas of business. Applicants may have fulfilled some or all Phase I requirements through previous coursework. MBA StudentPhase II courses consist of 11 or 12 graduate level courses (depending on whether the student elects to take a concentration) that emphasize the application of business concepts and tools to make decisions and develop strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Information about the Master of Business Administration graduate program can also be found in the University Catalog:
Program information
Course descriptions

Half Semester Courses for Phase II

All Phase II courses are scheduled on an eight-week, half semester basis. This scheduling approach allows students who work full-time to complete two Phase II courses each semester while attending class only one night per week. Part-time students love this schedule because they can finish their degrees in as little as 26 months. Full-time students find the schedule allows them to focus on only two or three courses at a time.

Academic Dishonesty Disciplinary Process

The HBS has a disciplinary process for dealing with issues of academic dishonesty. This process is designed to be a positive step toward eliminating academic dishonesty in the Herberger Business School. Click on the link below for additional information.


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